Rydalmaine Jayvee

So my little boy (now eight) had wanted a Maincoon since he was about three years old as our neighbours before we moved had Henry who he used to adore

We’ve always had Border Collies and still have them both at the grand old age of 14 and 12 and I had always resisted his requests for a kitten as I thought it was possibly a fad

However after 4 years of begging us (sometimes near daily bombardment), we agreed that when we moved and the renovations were near complete we would get him a kitten

In January 2021 I contacted Lucille from Majesticoon as a friend of a friend had a kitten from her and Lucille kindly agreed to add me to her list. I’d explained we wouldn’t be ready until January 2022 due to the volume of work we had to do in the house

However, Lucille took a well deserved retirement and when I asked her who she would recommend I contact, she immediately put me on to Judy at Rydalmaine and told me about what an amazing breeder Judy was

Lucille’s recommendation was enough for me, I knew that Judy must be brilliant if Lucille had recommended her and reading others testimonials only confirmed that and more

I called Judy straight away and spoke to her in depth about what I was looking for from a kitten and gave her lots of information about us as a family and we were so lucky to be added to Judy’s list

In December Judy had a litter which contained a Blue Silver male which was exactly what I was looking for

So, I’m no facebooker but I started to check daily for photos of the litters and updates and messaged Judy many, many times about different questions I had so that I was fully prepared for him coming home (I’ve had dogs but kittens were completely new to me). Judy is so informative, you can ask what you think might be the daftest question but she never fails to be really helpful

There were lots of tips on what to buy for your kitten and I followed that to the letter and it was so, so helpful to have that and know what I needed to buy

We kept everything as a complete surprise for our little boy and told him 10 minutes before we picked him up, trust me that was the hardest part but seeing his face was worth all the sneaking about

We’ve had Dutch for three weeks now and he has completely settled in, he’s stunning (all of her kittens and cats are) he’s super affectionate, I had read that they were but I didn’t realise he would follow us about like our dogs do and be as loving as he is, but he’s also mischievous and funny and he’s more than we could have ever wished for

He’s comfortable around the dogs (they’re both pretty loving) so now when I’m working instead of two faces staring up at me for a stroke I now have three and often one of them decides to sit on my computer (you can guess which one that is) but as soon as my little boy comes home from school he’s sat with him and they already have a great bond

I cannot thank Judy enough for all of her support from our first contact right through to the after care and advice she has provided, a truly exceptional and caring lady and you will never regret having a kitten / cat from her

Judy thank you for everything, we can’t express our heartfelt gratitude enough xxx

Date 22/3/2022

I have shared all my life with cats (I could never think of “owning” them, more the other way round). After losing my much-loved Norwegian 6 years ago I decided it was time to find another companion.
The Maine Coon Club UK list of breeders enabled me to find Judy, and this was the luckiest day for me.
After following her on Facebook and seeing the beautiful ladies, gents, and kittens I struck up the courage to call her. She was so friendly and helpful and took the time to have a good chat, which allowed her to find out a little about me, and me a little about her.
December 2020: A beautiful litter of kittens were appearing on the Facebook page, and I loved watching them day by day, but I knew they had all been reserved so must wait. Then…my good fortune – someone dropped out and I was allowed to reserve Blake, a beautiful black and white bundle of joy! I would scour Facebook daily to see if there were updates and there always was.
The time dragged waiting for the amazing day when we could bring him home. In the meantime, I had persuaded my (first time cat servant) husband that we really would need two as I did not want Hector (Blake) to be a lonely only, and when Benjamin was born, I was allowed to reserve him too.
Hector came home in January, full of confidence and instantly settled into life as King of the House, swiftly followed by Maximus (Benjamin) four weeks later. They bonded pretty much instantly and have grown into the most loving, good natured, curious, funny, and cheeky cats I have ever known.
I could not speak highly enough of Judy, her knowledge of the breed is more than comprehensive, she is so willing to share this. She makes herself available to answer any questions regarding the cats, even though she has a very busy life; she is so generous with her time. If anyone is lucky enough to live with a Rydalmaine Mainecoon they are blessed with the knowledge they have a cat which has been intelligently bred for health and temperament by a person who loves the breed.

Sarah Davenport Owner of Mystery 20/11/2020

When Judy asked if I’d write a Rydalmaine review for her, I said ‘of course!’ and thought it would be the easiest thing in the world to write.

I was wrong, due to the sheer amount of praise and wonderful things I want to share about our experience in getting a kitten from Judy.

For those who just want to know whether you should get a kitten from Judy, the answer is yes.

You’ll be able to guarantee that your Maine Coon kitten has been bred by a registered and responsible breeder who has put years of thought, care and effort into her breeding lines, andwho will guide and advise you before you collect your kitten.

Your kitten will be strong, healthy, bright, curious and just all-round beautifully natured and socialised.

After you’ve taken your kitten home, Judy offers all thesupport, reassurance, and further advice you need as your ball of fluff starts growing up and getting into mischief (which they will!).

My advice: stop looking, get yourself on the waiting list andbe patient if you’re a little way down it, I promise it’ll be worth every second of waiting.

For those who want to know what it’s actually like to get and have a Rydalmaine kitten from Judy, read on…

We’d been thinking about getting a Maine Coon for a long time and were referred to Judy by another breeder who wasn’t having any kittens for a while (thank you fate).

I stalked her website and Facebook pages for a good couple of weeks before sending an enquiry email at the beginning of Feb 2020 (little did we know the year had a pandemic in store!).

We scheduled a call and I found myself a little nervous: what if she didn’t like the sound of us? What if she said she didn’t think we were suitable for one of her kittens?!

I needn’t have worried – Judy was warm and friendly; unhurried, answered all my questions and asked plenty of her own.

After the call I dropped her an email stating any gender andcolour preferences that we had.

We were added to the list; then it was time to wait.

Aurora’s ‘Mother’s Day’ litter arrived on Sunday 23 March and we were stupidly excited – would one of those balls of fluff be the Maine Coon boy we’d been waiting for?

A couple of days later, Judy sent me a message saying there was a very big and very wriggle Black Silver Tabby available. They could be a boy but could also be a girl, it was a bit of mystery – did we want to take the gamble or did we want to wait.

We took the gamble (deep down we didn’t really mind whether we had a boy or a girl) and ended up the proud owners of a…GIRL!

If I thought I’d spent a lot of time looking at all the pictures on Judy’s Facebook page before Mystery was born, it was nothing compared to afterwards – Judy posts lots of photos and videos alongside very regular updates about how the kittens (and mums, of course!) are getting on.

New owners spend the first few weeks trying to play ‘spot our kitten’ and Judy is always on-hand to help out (sometimes it’s so hard to tell!) and gives plenty of insights into each of their developing personalities.

As the weeks ticked by, it became clear that the (first) lockdown was going to go on for quite some time.

I had a long call with Judy towards the end of April when she expressed her deep regret that the hugely popular kitten visits wouldn’t be possible, due to the restrictions we were all under.

This just further confirmed, for us, that we’d made absolutely the right choice in getting a kitten from Judy – aside from it being the responsible thing to do, she was genuinely upset that we wouldn’t get to enjoy that experience with her.

As the last few weeks ticked by, before the MUCH anticipatedcollection day, contracts were signed and we sent a ‘kitten blanket’ to Judy’s house – each new owner does this so theirkitten goes to their new home with something snuggly, comforting and familiar that smells of mum and their litter mates. How lovely!

We had a three-hour drive from home to collect Mystery – thankfully the lockdown restrictions had changed enough for us to be able to drive that distance, but we wouldn’t be able to go into Judy’s home.

After plenty of physically-distanced chat on the driveway (not just ‘here’s your kitten, bye!) we got the first in-the-fur glimpse of our kitten – she was just stunning and beautiful; I actually felt quite emotional!

Mystery very quickly made herself at home – exploring, laying on laps, enjoying cuddles for as long as anyone was prepared to carry her around for, and climbing her way to the top of the cat tree.

At the time of writing, Mystery is now three days off being eight months old.

She has a personality to match her size and is such a big and amazing part of our family, it’s strange to think there was a time when we didn’t have her.

You can be added to the private Facebook group for Rydalmaine owners and became part of a wonderful online family, and I strongly recommend you do. Here, you’ll be able to keep up with the progress of your kitten’s brothers and sisters, and get to know a whole host of other RMs of all sorts of ages, sizes, colours and their individual personalities and quirky habits.

Want advice, hints, tips and tricks for brushing fluffy trousers/bloomers, ask about what to do if they’ve gone a particular type of food, or whether Christmas trees a good idea? Of course, you can ask Judy directly at any time, but post a quick question in the ‘family group’ and you’ll also have access a ton of different experience, techniques and reassurance that you’re not on your own, with plenty of owners having been there, seen it, and gone through it a-l-lbefore.

So now you know what it’s like to get a kitten from Judy – it’smuch, much more than just entering into an exchange of money-for-kitten transaction.

My final words do come with a warning, however: be aware that you’ll quickly realise one Rydalmaine kitten isn’t enough - we can’t wait to welcome home another one!!

Just wanted to write about our experience getting two gorgeous Rydalmaine kittens through Judy. We spent a lot of time searching for breeders online but were convinced to contact Judy because of her commitment to the health of her cats, the glowing testimonials and also how beautiful all of her cats were on the website. We contacted Judy and had a long conversation with her about the breed and what we were looking for and she was incredibly helpful in answering any questions we had by email, phone or over Facebook. We decided we wanted to get two kittens so that they could keep themselves company and we couldn't be happier with our decision! We were able to get two stunning black tabby kittens who are the best friends. We've only had them two weeks and they've settled in so quickly. They're incredibly affectionate and split their time between sleeping on our laps, chasing each other around the house or falling asleep spooning one another (which is beyond adorable). They have clearly been incredibly well socialised and it's a testament to the time, love and effort that Judy has put into raising them. Any questions we've had since getting the kittens home have always been answered incredibly quickly by Judy and it's a great comfort knowing that she's at the end of the phone if we ever need any advice or help with them. We're so happy that we decided to go with two Rydalmaines and we would have absolutely no reservations about recommending Judy to any other prospective owners. We'll keep you updated with pictures!!"

Andrew & Emily

We were delighted when we found Judy at Rydalmaine after a long search for a caring and diligent maine coon breeder. The most important part of buying a maine coon, for us, was that we bought from someone who really cares about their kittens as well as the parents and would be able to offer support after we take them home.

There was a small wait for us, but that's totally normal as you can't expect kittens to be available at all times as Judy spends an enormous amount of effort caring for the new borns and making sure they're happy, social and well behaved little ones.

Thank you so much for being there for us throughout our journey so far, from initially meeting you, to receiving our kittens and for the aftercare you've provided. We can't recommend you enough to anyone who wants to start an adventure with a maine coon companion. They're beautiful pets and have become our family - everyone who has met them thinks they're gorgeous and we're absolutely delighted with everything!

Chris, Connor, Tor and Dusk x

We knew that lovely Mainecoons were the breed for us so we started to research breeders on the internet, even speaking to some. Then we came across Judy's superb website and decided to give her a ring. Before we even discussed kittens Judy seemed very concerned about resolving cat bereavement and understood the process that the family was going through. It became evident through further conversations Judy's true dedication to the breeding of fine Mainecoon cats. As we had the experience, having owned two cats previously, Judy suggested that we have two kittens from the same litter. We decided to go for it and were put onto the waiting list.

Judy kept us posted on the pregnancy and phoned soon after the birth of the litter we were assigned to. We were kept up to speed on the litter's development by both personal email and through the great social media that Judy manages. We were sent photos and videos of the whole litter and specifically the Boy & Girl that we had requested - gender and colourings having been discussed in numerous telephone conversations.

After what seemed a long wait, having watched our kittens grow on screen, the kitten visit day arrived! On arrival Judy was so welcoming, showing us Mum, Dad and all the other Rydalmaine celebrities. We were then shown to the kitten room (as good as it sounds) to begin the bonding process and had a very long session playing and petting our new babies. Judy was most helpful with all of our queries and gave fantastic advice and suggestions in preparation.

The day eventually came to pick up our kittens and once again Judy had all things professionally prepared. She talked us through all of the necessary paperwork and gave useful advice on the kitten's introduction to their new home.

Rydalmaine Odin & Freyja (Rydalmaine August Sky) took little time to settle into our home and are two very happy, relaxed kittens. We believe that this is all thanks to the superb start in life given to them in their initial development by such a loving, dedicated breeder. It's clear that Judy spent a great deal of time nurturing our, and all other, litters making sure they were well adjusted with human company. As others have said we are so happy that we got a brother and sister, they play off of each other and the dynamic in the household is different and more special everyday.

Now we are enjoying the inherent Mainecoon quirks; affection that knows no bounds and rascally playfulness. The kittens are growing at an incredible rate, hopefully into the gentle giants similar to those that hang out side of the kitten room. In adding to our own household we have joined a family, the Rydalmaine family, which is full of beautiful cats and camaraderie in their keeping.
We would not hesitate to recommend Judy as a breeder and we can only thank her for providing us with two gorgeous cats.

Leigh, Hillary & Jenna

I was recommended to go to Judy at Rydalmaine by another breeder. I was looking for a Maine Coon to give to my husband as a birthday present. We had the pleasure of owning two boys, whose mother was a Maine Coon, which we got from Battersea, named Hugo and Boss who were two of the most beautiful cats we had ever owned (and we've owned about 20 in our married life) and they were both blue and white. Their natures were gentle and playful and they were beautiful looking. Unfortunately they both died very young, Hugo (my cat) at 1½ years and Boss (my husband's) who lived till he was 5 and followed him everywhere. The both died of congenital heart disease which we found could be prevalent in Maine Coons. Hence the reason for the birthday present.

When I got in touch with Judy I asked about the heart problems and she assured me that all her cats either tested negative to the responsible gene or were negative by parentage. This immediately assured me and we asked to be put on her waiting list. We originally wanted a male

blue and white kitten but they were in short supply! We waited for several litters and eventually our turn came. Judy contacted me and said there wasn't a kitten of the gender and colour we had asked for but that she had "a beautiful large girl" who she thought we would like. She sent a picture and we were in love! For the next 3 months we had regular updates and photos and videos and eventually our time came, first to visit and then to collect her. We called her Susie and she is everything we hoped she'd be. I feel Judy went above and beyond what we would expect and kept in touch every inch of the way. Judy is still interested in how she is doing and I know I can contact her any time I have a query

I cannot think any breeder could be more responsible or more helpful than Judy was and I recommend her to anyone who asks about Susie. Thank you Judy for choosing our beautiful girl.

Hi Judy

Well we did it!

Jonah took his PAT assessment on 2nd June 2014 at just 9 1/2 months old and passed with flying colours. We are therefore very proud to announce Rydalmaine Jonah Lomu is now a fully qualified 'Pets as Therapy' Cat. We are even more proud of him passing at such a young age and a lot of this credit is down to the beautiful , loving temperaments of your Rydalmaine Maine Coons, they are an absolute credit you and you should be very proud of this too. We are now looking forward to sharing Jonah with others and changing their lives too as much as he has changed ours. He is an absolute joy to share our home with and I know he will love all the cuddles he will get as a PAT Cat.

Thank you for everything.

Take care and let me know when would be a good time to pop and see you, with bring Jonah of course!

See you soon.

Love Sheila, Jason and PAT Cat Jonah xxx

Rydalmaine Connery - Andrea and Paul Green-Leicestershire 7/3/2014

We lost our Norwegian Forest Cat last November from a lengthy, sad battle with cancer and had always said we couldn't face another NFC so we had decided to look for a Maine Coon. I spent hours online looking at different breeders and Judy's site clearly showed her love for the breed and care of her kittens. I rang Judy initially for advice about rehoming a cat from another breeder as someone new to the breed. Judy and I chatted for an hour about the loss of our lovely boy and our thoughts about this cat. The rehoming didn't happen as we had dogs and so I let Judy know we would love to be on her kitten list for the future.
Very soon after this Judy rang to say she may have a male kitten available and would we like her to send a photo. We fell in love with him straight away and arranged to visit the following week. We were so impressed with the whole litter and fell in love with them all! We would happily have taken any or all home with us! Judy's care clearly produced confident and happy little kittens who loved to play. We couldn't wait to collect our boy.
Mid January we collected our little man. It was so exciting. What amazed us was the confidence he had in us as new owners. He seemed to recognise us from our two visits and came to us when he was unsure of something instead of worrying or going to hide, like other kittens I have had in the past. Since he arrived our Theo has fitted straight into our multi pet household and also developed his own gentle but lively and chatty character. He is sociable and even our 12 year old cat likes him as he makes efforts to be friends with her.
I would recommend Judy to any prospective owner of Maine Coons as someone who is very straight forward and caring of her kittens and cats. The cats' environment is immaculately clean and safe. The male stud cats have a lovely area to play and live in altogether. The female cats all live in the house and are clearly affectionate and confident with everyone who come to visit.
Judy is always welcoming whilst you are waiting for your kitten - she understands the excitement and encourages visits. Also, if you have any worries she is on the end of the phone. I had to call in the first fortnight as Theo had a bout of sickness which worried me given his very young age. She gave me great advice, reassured me and he was fine the next day. We keep in regular contact and love checking the website to see how all the Rydalmaines are getting on. We feel part of a big feline family! (And, can't wait to get another kitten one day - it is true - you will not stop at one!

Barbara and Paul; Rochdale Lancashire - 4th February 2014

Having lost at the age of fifteen and Sixteen our two Main Coon sister cats Lucy and Ezzey we found that our home was empty without them. After much thought we decided to bring another Main Coon into our lives, after much time spent on the internet and telephone Rydalmain shone out above them all, Judy is an outstanding communicator and following a lengthy telephone conversation we felt absolutely sure that Rydalmain was our breeder of choice, this has proved to be the most important and best decision that we took. At the time of first contact Judy did not have any kittens available but a commitment of this nature should not be driven by time and we agreed that when the next litter arrived Judy would advise us, this happened on 8th December 2013 and we agreed without any hesitation to take one of the girls of the litter "Christmas Wish" (Tammy). Over the next twelve weeks Judy kept us in the picture regarding Tammy's progress with many photographs emails and phone calls we also travelled down to Rydalmain to see Tammy. Finally the day arrived at the end of February to collect Tammy, Judy's professional, caring manner again confirmed our first impression and Tammy is an absolute joy, she is a beautiful true to breed Main Coon with a very energetic confident and friendly nature, the care that Judy has given to her shines through with the ease in which Tammy has settled into her new environment. We thank Judy and John for Tammy she reflects the very high standard that Judy sets as a caring breeder of these delightful Maine Coon cats.

Testimonial for Rydalmaine Skandranon & Rydalmaine Winterhart 16/2/2014- Stella Edwards

Having lost our dearly loved cat last March we decided that when getting another cat we would go for a Maine Coon. As a family we loved the fact that Maines are a large cat but also very gentle. I started checking out various web sites. Judy's site stood out over many other sites. Also found Judy on the Maine Coon Cat Club of Great Britain as a registered breeder with them. I finally got in touch with Judy in late September last year. I was put on the waiting list. We had asked if possible for 2 kittens. I then got an e-mail in October to say that Amber had had her litter and there was 1 Black and Silver boy kitten available if we wanted him. My sons said yes so we let Judy know and made arrangements to pay the deposit. A few days later River had 2 kittens and we were offered the Cream and Silver girl. My eldest son said yes. So another long phone call to Judy and another deposit. We finally got to see the kittens at the end of November. We were met in her hallway by all the female cats and inspected by them. It was a very warm welcome to Judy's home. On going into the kitten room we knew at once which was our girl kitten named Winterhart. Skandranon our boy once pointed out could not be mistaken for one of the others, he was the biggest kitten of them all. It was fantastic playing with all the kits. There were lots of questions from both us and Judy. We also met all the adult male cats. We came away from the visit reasured that we had chosen the right breeder who put the welfare of her cats first. All of her cats are well loved and healthy and great temperament. Since Skan and Winter have come home to us they have taken over the house with 3 very willing slaves to their every need. For us it was right that we had 2 kittens together. They get on together really well and always have a playmate when we are not there. Both of them are very loving cats and love curling up on you to go to sleep. I am so glad that we found Judy and we feel very lucky to have our 2 beautiful kittens. From a black and silver tabby Skan has developed into a gorgeous brown and biscut tabby with an extremely gentle temperatment. Winter is developing into a beautiful cream and silversmoke the instigator of any mischief and loves chasing her tail even when on your shoulder or back. I often find myself doing the washing up or cleaning out the litter tray with a kit on my shoulder or back. For anyone thinking of welcoming into to their lives a Maine Coon kitten I can't think of a better person than Judy to go to. Any question no matter how silly it may seem gets the same consideration as a serious question.

Testimonial of Chris and Cheryl Smythe about Rydalmaine Maine Coons

We got married in June of 2012 but even before then, we were looking to add to our family by getting a pet. Cheryl suggested a cat but the problem was I have always been a dog person and so was not really interested in a cat. After lots of research, I was persuaded to meet some breeders of Maine Coons. Judy must have thought our initial conversation was mad as she had a very large amount of questions fired at her from my side but I was amazed at her knowledge and complete honesty when it came to answering them. After a very long conversation, Judy offered for us to visit her home and introduce us to her family...”Wow” was all we could mutter when we walked in through the door and her beautiful cats greeted us...they were very big – much bigger than we both imagined they would be but ever so friendly. Gentle giant is a fantastic description!

After a quick cuppa, we were introduced to the rest of the family starting with the magnificent Romeo (aka Leo) - we were instantly hooked! We found out that both Leo and the beautiful River, were due kittens in the not too distant future and we said we would love the opportunity to have one as part of our family. Judy said she would let us know when the kittens arrived.

Two very, very long, exciting weeks later, Judy rang to say that River had 3 kittens overnight – a blue classic tabby, a red classic tabby (like dad) and a cream smoke. Immediately we requested the blue classic tabby and that was the start of our journey with Rydalmaine Blue Ice - now known as “Mumbles”, our beautiful Boy Maine Coon! We were very happy but felt over the course of several weeks and numerous, never short but always fantastic visits, that we should have maybe tried for a second. This is when fate intervened and Rydalmaine Sami the cream smoke became available. Sami, now known as Bailey, was also now thankfully part of our family. Two weeks later in early February, we opened the carrier door in our home and two very confident and beautiful kittens walked out and made themselves comfortable.

It has now been five fantastic months since that day and after many chewed toes, destroyed toys, cuddles and hilarious moments, we could not be happier. Judy really knows her stuff when it comes to this beautiful breed and has always been there to offer advice and tips whenever we have needed it. Apart from Mumbles and Bailey.....Judy is the best thing since sliced bread.

Hannah and Graeme - Rydalmaine Brown Frost

I have always been a dog person having grown up with them. Graeme on the other hand was very much a cat man and persuaded me to have one. I began my research in November 2012 and soon fell in love with the Maine Coon.

I contacted Judy at Rydalmaine in late January 2013. I contacted several Maine Coon breeders but Judy stood out as she was the only one who wanted to know abit about us. After some emails back and forth we were put on the waiting list for a summer 2013 kitten. In April 2013 however i received an unexpected call from Judy saying one kitten had become available. It just so happened this kitten was the one i'd been ooing and ahhing over on the gallery page!

We met Teddy soon after and it was love at first sight. I can definately say im a cat lady now. I couldn't imagine life without him. Judy said he was a lovely boy and she couldnt be more right. I was always of the impression that cats were independant and solitary creatures but Ted is so affectionate and he has the loudest purr!

As i write this he's only been with us 6 weeks but it feels like alot longer. He's so funny to watch when he has his mad half hour running aroud the house. He's so playful and is into everything. He is a joy to have around the house and its amazing watching him grow, hes only 5 months old but looks like a fully grown cat. We can't wait to get him a play mate!

Freda and Sylvia Marshall - When the last of our pair of female Maine Coons passed away we knew we had to replace them with another pair. We knew the breed well, the trilling noise they make when happy, their confident outlook and we decided again to have two female kittens from the same litter that had been well bred and if possible true to the traditional large size.

We count ourselves very fortunate indeed to have come across Judy's website and after a long chat on the phone we were able to put our name down for two of the Christmas litter kittens. Judy kept us fully up to date on their progress, plenty of photos, which was great as we lived too far away and were only able to visit them twice before taking them home.

Raven and Boudekai have settled in very well and are extremely well mannered, inquisitive, bundles of fun. We had forgotten how quick kittens are and how they are in to everything given half the chance! They are growing quickly, are well mannered, arrived fully litter trained, play well together and when exhausted flop down on our laps for a nap, and both are trilling!

Veronica Smith - My partner and I have thought about adopting a kitten for a while and after finding the Maine Coon breed in a book we knew it was the right one for us.

We liked the idea of having a huge cat but still being very good natured and smart.

We searched for kittens online and knew we wanted to go with a caring breeder who integrated the kittens into her family. As soon as I saw the website I was immediately impressed. It was great to see something very up to date and active with lots of images and information.

My partner and I made an enquiry the very next day. Unfortunately the kittens had all been reserved already but we were put on a waiting list and we didn't have long to wait for the next set of parents.

On the 4th December the Christmas litter was born. Judy called us and talked us through what the kittens looked like as well as sending photos. It was difficult to decide as they were all very small and looked the same but Judy helped us through how they would turnout.

We picked a girl who had a star on the top of her head. We decided to call her Mila with full name Rydalmaine Serene Starlight.

Judy has been great through out with keeping us updated on Mila's progress and sending us pictures each week. As we live so far away it took us a while to come up to see her but as soon as we did we couldn't wait to come again. Judy welcomed us into her home and we talked for hours not only about Mila but the Maine coon breed itself. This really gave us an insight to Judy's passion and knowledge for the breed.

Judy has always been very helpful, answering so many questions on temperament, best food type, outdoor area space etc. helpfully making Mila's transition an easy one.

Now that we've had Mila a couple of days, she's the number one point of conversation. She has completely taken over our life in a great way. She is a constant companion following you around the house, wanting to be a part of everything you are doing, including the washing up. Too little to jump up, she climbs up your jeans - which can be painful if your in pjs. Solving the problem means putting her on your shoulder like a parrot for a little while until she is satisfied.

As soon as you sit down she's at your side or flops down on your lap and falls asleep quickly so you wouldn't move. Then your stuck.

She's now a part of the family and fully integrated.
We want to say a big thank you to Judy for her hard work and dedication not only to us but to the Maine Coon breed itself.

Maria & Tom-Rydalmaine Oberon 2012- I'd been wanting a cat for some time but couldn't find one that would get on with my partners two small boys. I was use to siamese cats but I know that they don't really get on with children. So I did some research and came across a Maine Coon. I thought it was too good to be true. Cats with such loveable temperaments, huge cuddly giants!

I found Judy's website and contacted her. At the beginning I was taken by a male cat that was 'reserved' and thought I'd ask about him, unfortunately he had already found a new home. I knew there was another cat that was expecting a litter in July-so I asked Judy, if by any chance there was a male tabby in the new litter, that I wanted him!

Judy has been wonderful from day one, always keeping us in the loop of Shania (the beautiful mother) and how she was and of course when the Mid Summer Nights dream litter was born (amongst them the gorgeous Oberon!), answering every little question I've had, no matter how small or ridiculous she was always happy to help.

Throughout the whole process Judy has kept us up to speed on how Oberon was doing, when he got his jabs/microchipped and sent photos of his progress on a weekly basis.

Even after we brought him home, Judy has answered any queries or concerns we've had.

Even all the paperwork was a breeze!

Thank you to Judy and the Rydalmaine family-our little Oberon brings us Joy, Love and Laughter every day! We absolutely adore him!

Elizabeth - Rydalmaine Rockley and Rydalmaine Blue Bear - 2012 - I had spent well over a year researching Maine Coon breeders all over England, Scotland and Europe, and I finally came across Judy, as soon as I spoke with her I was impressed and was even more impressed when she welcomed me into her home to meet all of her lovely cats. My decision was made very quickly that when kittens were available I would purchase only from Judy. River had just had kittens and they were all really lovely, although at that point I was really not looking to purchase a kitten, I had thought perhaps in the new year, but one of the kittens in particular stood out from them all, he seemed to come right to me as though he had chosen me rather than the other way around. My decision was made for me by wee Rockley, he is not a wee boy any longer, the last time I weighed him he was tipping the scales at 20lbs!

Judy always gave me regular updates by email providing photos and telephone chats whilst I was waiting to bring him home, I made regular visits to see Rockley before bringing him home and was always welcomed by Judy to visit. I can't say thank you enough to Judy.

Only a few months went by after bringing Rockley home that I knew I must have another! Rockley needed to have a playmate, so when Judy let me know that she had more kittens on the way and that it was River an Leo expecting……I knew pretty much that I would be having a new addition to the family. As time passed I thought perhaps I should wait a while longer, and then I received an email from Judy with photos of the new-born kittens (I had let Judy know from our first meeting that if by chance she was to ever have any solid blue boys that I would have one 100%). They were only a day old…and as luck would have it, there he was, a stunning solid blue boy! I made my decision instantly without even going to see the kittens, Rydalmaine Blue Bear it was.

The first few days he was home I was worried with Rockley's size, but within 72hrs they were sleeping together, sharing food and getting on wonderfully, they are now constant companions. They both have grown so much, and it seems the dominant cat in the house is in fact a kitten! Blue Bear rules the house as he does Rockley!

I can't say enough good things about Judy, her dedication to the breed, her cats and kittens. If anyone is looking to make a new addition to their family with a Maine Coon, you really must look no further, Rydalmaine Kittens are the ones to have!

Sarah and Guy - Rydalmaine Helena - 24/10/2012 - " We just wanted to say a big thank you to Judy for our beautiful girl. After losing one of our beloved Maine Coons a while ago, we wanted to get a mate for Harley who was getting lonely. When Judy told us she had one kitten left we couldn't wait to visit.

From the first meeting we could see how beautiful and healthy all of her cats and kittens are and how much she dotes on them. We were welcomed into her home, and as we live close by, lucky enough to visit Mango numerous times before we could take her home. Getting to play with the whole litter and see all of their wonderful personalities, and watching them drinking milk from their mother is an experience we'll not forget!

When we got Mango home, she explored the whole house and fell in love with 8 year old Harley, she followed him everywhere. It took him a week (he was a little grumpy!) but now he loves her as much and regularly cleans and plays with her!

I can't believe how confident and outgoing Mango is, also extremely loving and cheeky (definitely a naughty tortie!). I've had numerous people visit her and she's not fazed at all, she just wants their attention!

If anyone is thinking of buying a Maine Coon, I can't recommend Judy enough. Thank you so much for the new addition to our family, I'm sure we'll be back!"

Rydalmaine Lysander - 8/10/2012 - "From the moment I let her know I was interested in a Rydalmaine kitten, Judy sent me regular updates about Shania's pregnancy. When her gorgeous litter was delivered we reserved Bertie, an adorable solid black boy. Since then, Judy unreservedly welcomed us into her lovely home, to meet Bertie and to play with the older kittens and meet her Queens and Studs. We've were just delighted and overwhelmed by her hospitality. Her kittens are exceptionally well-socialised, with lovely personalities, and Judy sent us regular updates about Bertie, along with photographs. It's obvious that Judy breeds Maine Coons because she genuinely loves each and every kitten, and she gives them the attention and love that suggests.

Once we got Bertie home, it became even more obvious how well-socialised he was. He settled in like a dream, and is the most affectionate, cuddly and confident kitten I've ever come across. Visitors a week or so after we brought him home didn't faze him at all - Bertie just wanted their attention. He's a beautiful, affectionate boy, and I really can't stress, if you're a lover of Maine Coons, how strongly I'd recommend getting one of Judy's kittens. She absolutely brings out the best in the 'Maine Coon personality' ".

Kevin and Carol - 21/02/2012 - "When we decided we would like a Maine coon kitten, we spoke and met with Judy, who welcomed us into her home from the moment RIver was carrying her babies and to meet all the Rydalemaine cats who in return gave us a very warm greeting and when we saw them they were all beautiful and had their own characteristics.. That was it, we were amazed how calm and friendly they all were. Judy kept us up to date through the whole time until we were able to take our gorgeous boy Oscar home. We would like to thank you for letting us into home not once but several times to see our Oscar and watch him grow. Experience we will never forget!!! So a big thank you. I would recommend you to anyone who would be interested in having maine coon cat."

Sue and Darren Gibson - 26/06/2012 - "We can thoroughly recommend Judy as a Maine Coon breeder. Her Rydalmaine cats and kittens are fully socialised, have a lovely temperament and Judy genuinely cares for their welfare. We were able to visit Oliver at any time along with his parents, siblings, and other members of Judys Maine Coon family. Judy was great at keeping us up to date with progress and providing photographs until we were able to collect him.

Since bringing Oliver home we have not been disappointed with him, he is gorgeous. Thank you Judy for your help and guidance throughout.

Dave and Mary - 12/11/2011 - "Judy is obviously besotted with her boys and girls; both her and the cats made us feel very welcome. We'd already spent a good couple of hours with them and when finally Leo made an appearance, it was almost like a grand finale. Thank you for a lovely afternoon."