Rydalmaine Flower me Sky Blue

Ella has a very loving nature, and is full of Energy.  Likes nothing better but  to chase our younger Rydalmaines  round our fully protected  Garden. Ella is a Blue Silver Tortie. Looking forward to future Babies from this Stunning Lady.

MYBCP3 gene Negative


​Rydalmaine Cherish

Cherish is a Stunning young Lady, full of naughtiness. Fabulous Colouring. Looking forward to her future Babies.

Cherish tested negative for the MYBCP3 gene.


​Rydalmaine Aurora

Rydalmaine Aurora is a Silver Tortie Tabby with White. Aurora is a Stunning Girl. daughter to Amber and The Last Samurai. Very cheeky young Lady, and very loving too.

Aurora is HCM MYBCP3 gene Negative

Rydalmaine Alaska

Alaska is Daughter to our Arwen, a very confident Girl, loves  her food. Alaska is a Black Tortie with white Tabby, and her coat has a lovely rich mix of Colours. Alaska has just become a first time Mummy with a litter of 5 in March 2018.  All gorgeous.

Alaska is HCM MYBCP3 gene Negative.

Rydalmaine One Kiss Sapphire aka Saffi

Blue Silver Tortie Mackerel Tabby

Saffi is very much like her Mum Ella. A very gentle and elegant girl. She has a lovely profile and ear set with her long lynx tips. We look forward to having some lovely Kittens from this beautiful young Lady

Saffi is MYBCP3 gene tested negative

Rydalmaine You’re still the One aka Ariana 

Ariana iBlack Tortie Tabby

Ariana is the Daughter of Rydalmaine Halo and Is such a gentle natured young Lady will make a super future Mummy

Ariana is MYBCP3 gene tested negative

Rydalmaine Ruby’s Sweet Lullaby aka Sienna

Daughter to Rydalmaine Autumn Ruby.

Sienna is a true naughty Tortie, into every thing and loves to be with you and help when you are doing things. Another fabulous future Rydalmaine Mummy for the future.

Sienna is MYBCP3 gene tested negative