Rydalmaine Diamond Samurai

Meet our new baby and future Stud Boy.

Samson is a very loving and  a Cheeky young Man. Loves his cuddles and firm friends with our up and coming young lady Cashmere x. Looking forward to some beautiful babies from Samson.

HCM MYBCP3 gene Negative


Rydalmaine Ambers Blue Ember

Ambers Blue Ember aka Abe is a very loving, chilled and laid back new addition to Rydalmaine. Has loved being Groomed from a Kitten and is a big purr box too. Loves his cuddles too. Looking forward to babies in the future from this fabulous Boy.

HCM MYBCP3 gene Negative

Rydalmaine Red Rocky

Rydalmaine Red Rocky aka Ruson isone very chilled Young Man.  Going to make a super Rydalmaine Daddy for the future

HCM MYBCP3 tested Negative

Rydalmaine Alaskan Fire aka Tyson

Tyson has made a Super Daddy with his First litter. Tyson is one Big Softie and loves his cuddles. At just over a Year old we are so proud of him.

HCM MYBCP3 tested Negative