Rydalmaine Maine Coons

Retired Maine Coons looking for 5 Star loving home . HCM/PKDef/SMA tested lines

Rydalmaine are Maine Coon Cat Breeders based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK. My name is Judy Stratton and I live with my husband John and Rydalmaine is our TICA and GCCF registered prefix. We are small hobby breeders of Maine Coon cats and we occasionally have Maine Coon Kittens available to permanent loving homes. Please see our kittens page for more information.

In May 2008 we bought two girls named Tally and Chloe. Many thanks to Kay at Kadacoon for Tally and Lynnette at Mabalakat for Chloe. With their affection and their loveable personalities they quickly got under our skin.

In August 2010 we bought our first breeding queen from Ali at Alisika called Shania. She is stunning and we are very grateful to Ali for letting us have her as a new addition to our family.

Our aim is to breed big, healthy Maine Coon cats and kittens of excellent type and temperament.

All of our girls live indoors with access to our garden within a garden cat run which my husband John lovingly built for them. Indoor cat means a safe cat.

Click photos to see our garden.